Hot Food Choices

Cocktail sausages, served hot with a honey and mustard dip

Mini vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chilli dip

Potatoes Wedges served with sour cream dip

Chinese/barbeque style chicken wings

Miniature ham and cheese Panini

Scampi with tartar sauce

Devils on horseback

Stuffed mushrooms

Pigs in blankets

Cold Food Choices


Salmon skewers

Mini scotch eggs

Dips with crudités

Baby sausage Rolls

Prawn filled vol au vents

Open Danish style sandwiches

Egg mayonnaise in pastry cups

Spicy coated chicken drumsticks

Little rolls filled with various fillings

A selection of bite sized sandwiches

Fingers of various flavours of quiche

Platters of bite sized smoked salmon canapés